The family’s tradition

The Kretzschmann’s family has got a long tradition in Markneukirchen. Among the violin makers in Markneukirchen named "Kretzschmann" are surely some of my ancestors. The following facts are proved by the family tree as well as by my own investigations:

direct ancestors brothers of ancestors further relatives
Johann (Hans) Adam
15.6.1716 - 22.6.1771
Georg Carl 1702-1783 (probably)
Johann Adam I
27.9.1750 - 21.2.1796
Johann Georg III 1740-1813
Johann Gottfried II 1744-1809
Carl Friedrich I 1755-1837
Johann Georg
22.7.1784 - 5.2.1831
Johann Georg 1767-1811
Johann Adam II 1772-1822
Carl Friedrich II 1781-1850
Christian Gottfried III 1782-1822
Carl Heinrich
10.1.1822 - 11.7.1880
Christian Gottlob 1811-1853 Adam Gottfried 1800-1836
Carl Friedrich III 1801-1857
Friedrich August 1816-1857
Carl Wilhelm I 1807-1872
Carl Gottlob 1819-1890
Heinrich Ferdinand 1822-1852


After Carl Heinrich the next three generations in the family tree "Kretzschmann" didn’t do anything in making instruments, they had other professions. So I am the first again who tries to carry on our violin-making tradition, because I feel the responsibility for that. I hope, my son Max will continue one day.

Besides, I am very interested in instruments of my ancestors. I try hard to get information about these instruments (the today’s owner, the condition, photos ... ) - maybe you can help me?


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